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Family Friendly Employer


The Flamingo Chicks Employers’ Charter launches at The House of Commons on January 29th 2019.  


Supported by UK businesses who can proudly call themselves a ‘family friendly employer’ the Charter aims to help organisations create supportive working environments for dads of disabled children.


The Employers’ Charter is the result of the Flamingo Chicks Dad & Me research – a campaign which shines the spotlight on Dads of disabled children, a group of 720,000 men who are all too often overlooked and unsupported in their role as carers.  


Employers’ signing up to the Charter will be able to access tools such as our certificated disability awareness training course (link to leaflet) to help transform their organisation's culture.


Those supporting the Charter so far:

  • TSB

  • Eversheds Sutherland

  • Nisbets

  • Irwin Mitchell

  • Avon Fire & Rescue




If your organisation is intersted in finding out more, please email us here.