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Flamingo Chicks survey finds 96% of carer fathers agree that there is no emotional or mental support at work, which leads to why less than 10% have told their boss

By flamingochicks, Jun 13 2016 11:32AM

Flamingo Chicks has launched the ‘Dad & Me’ campaign to expose the thoughts and opinions of carer dads and how they can be better supported, especially at work.

There are approximately 770,000 dads in the UK who have a disabled child and Flamingo Chicks invited them to share their views to gain insight on the emotional and physical impact of being a carer dad and to see how employers can better these support fathers in this role.

The ‘Dad & Me’ campaign is in partnership with Irwin Mitchell, a leading UK law firm. Irwin Mitchell donated £1 for everyone who completed the survey, in a bid to drive carer dads to share their views and experiences.

Of over 250 fathers who answered the survey, download the full report by clicking on the blue square below:

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