An inclusive dance school where all youngsters can spread their wings!

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Could you volunteer at Flamingo Chicks?

As a volunteer-led organsiation, volunteers are the life-blood of Flamingo Chicks. From dance helpers and photographers to fundraisers and admin support - please email to find out more.


All ages and experience welcomed and we can provide DBS checks.  We actively encourage first time volunteers and older volunteers - we are very proud of our intergenerational community.


Jayne Pitt "I can certainly say that working with the Flamingo Chicks is such a rewarding experience.Once you get involved you will never look back. I haven't.The chicks have stolen my heart forever!"

Natalie Hayward “Flamingo Chicks is so rewarding. I love spending time with the children and the experience has also boosted my professional skills. I’ve learnt how to engage with people of all ages and backgrounds, my confidence has improved and I’ve definitely taken some of my new skills back to my day job.”


Richard is 68 and he's been volunteering for Flamingo Chicks for over a year. "Seeing the smiles on the children's faces and the enjoyment they get out of it is wonderful to see. It's very special to watch the parents being able to see their children in a totally different light. I love doing the music and helping with printing and admin - I lend a hand in whatever way I can!"