An inclusive dance school where all youngsters can spread their wings!

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Karen Ziegler, Children's Therapist 

"Children with movement difficulties benefit so much from participating in physical activity along with other children. Ballet offers  the opportunity to improve their body awareness, increase their muscle strength, improves postural alignment and core stability as well as learning a new and wonderful skill.


I have spent 20 years working with children with physical difficulties and always advocate strongly that children are included in clubs and activities that involve physical movement.  Ballet and yoga are high priority as they work to improve core stability, stretching and postural alignment (particularly important for children with Cerebral Palsy).


An inclusive dance club, outside of a school or hospital environment is so valuable for children with disability and their families."

Keith James, Physiotherapist 

“Developing body awareness and a range of movement options for disabled children can bring general improvements in coordination, and also help to raise confidence and self-esteem.

By helping youngsters feel more at home with their bodies and giving them the chance to explore what they can do, this will promote trust, cooperation, communication and language too.”


Jenny Lowther, Paedaitric Physiotherapist


"Flamingo Chicks offers fantastic inclusive classes with a fun and friendly atmosphere for children to join in and dance with their peers. Exercise is essential for all children and never more so then for children with additional needs who perhaps have physical disabilities, sensory impairments or have decreased balance and strength of which there can be many different causes. Flamingo Chicks promotes strength, flexibility and balance as well as developing children's social skills, confidence and self esteem. Watching the children enjoying themselves and exercising gives me lots of satisfaction as a children's physiotherapist and I am very pleased to know there are classes like these popping up all over the UK, and even overseas! My job as a physiotherapist is to motivate children to move and be as independent as possible; Flamingo Chicks helps children achieve these goals with a whole load of fun along the way."