An inclusive dance school where all youngsters can spread their wings!

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Flamingo Chicks provides an environment where youngsters of all abilities can enjoy themselves, learn, grow and have fun.


Stephen Williams

“Dance brings young people together, inspires them and is a great way to get active. Bristol has been crying out for an inclusive dance class so I’m really excited to see Flamingo Chicks taking flight! Dance can have a powerful effect on people’s lives and it’s great to see the physical, emotional, mental and social benefits of dance extended to as many young people as possible. It is not only a health issue, but a quality of life issue.”


Deborah Crossan, Mum of Ella aged 6

“As a mum it is incredibly heartwarming to see my little girl, who has been through so much, glow with such delight at being the centre of attention for something other than her cancer.”






Kristy Hooper, mum to Lily-Grace who is severely sight impaired.  “When we received her diagnosis, I couldn’t imagine her having the same opportunities most little girls have. From the age of four she asked repeatedly if she could go to dance classes.  I didn’t think this to be possible for her until we found Flamingo Chicks.  Now – her little face lights up and breaks into a huge smile at the very mention of it!  After her last few sessions she has asked how many sleeps until she can go again!  I cannot rave enough about how she has grown in confidence since her first class. Everyone has noticed and commented. It’s just wonderful.”


Emma Sterland Community Manager

at disability charity Scope

“It can be so hard for parents to find activities for children with complex needs. If they’re in a wheelchair or they have weak muscle tone or involuntary movements, it shouldn’t mean they’re left out of the fun – far from it. Flamingo Chicks is such a fantastic idea and will give many hours of happiness to children of all abilities, while also providing significant physical benefits.”